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about us

Broadening beyond a clothing brand, we are a movement par futurism.

Of the People.

By the People.

For the People.

The Machine People.

This is a revolution in contemporary Indian fashion that aims to free modern Indians from the clutches of mass-produced foreign apparels. Wear a choice of garment that is well-suited and specifically caters to you. For far too long have our Indian diaspora been at the mercy of brands who meekly attempt to satisfy modern India. We invite you to Live and breathe in comfortable tee-shirts, leggings, topwear and apparels that are stamped with our much acclaimed desi chutzpah.

Join our movement to actualize your soul and Evolve.


Leggings have become an indispensable attire for the modern Indian woman. Its self-conformity has been the main reason that it successfully cemented itself as an important finery for women throughout our world.

Machine People creates High Fashion Leggings that are stylish, as well as conforms effortlessly to your waist and legs.


Selecting your perfect top to wear is one of the most important task a modern woman has at hand. Your practical knowledge in trendy topwear will be on display as you dress yourself in our cotton topwearthat’s created to be a snug fit.

Machine People provides a stylish range of printed and plain, short and long varieties of top, that satisfies your chic needs.

Aspects of our topwear

  • Cotton

  • Half-sleeve

  • Full-sleeve

  • Cold shoulder

  • Short top

  • Long top

  • Events & Sports Apparel

    Apparels for your event have never been this trendy!

    Several instances demand the need for custom apparel that suits occasions and events. It would only be complete with all attendees decked out in emblazoned apparel to remind everyone that it is indeed a team that is being celebrated.

    Collared Polo Tee-Shirts

    The team in question may be a squad which co-ordinates among themselves day in and day out, whose camaraderie will be upshot as they are all given apparels that accentuate their partnership. Let it be a corporate setting or an informal gathering, you can get these apparels made especially for men and women, with or without pockets, and your precious logo emblazoned as per requirement.

    Sports Jerseys

    A sports squad of champions deserve to be dressed to win. An important canvas to communicate the team’s intention to an opposing faction is your sporty attire. Most battles are won even before you set foot on the field and an important tool that helps you achieve that goal is your garment. Get in touch with us whatever your requirement might be.

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    Evergreen city of India, Thiruvananthapuram

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